A Revolution in Hybrid Workstations – STAKS by First Office

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STAKS Workstations and CubiclesWith STAKS hybrid workstations and cubicles from First Office, everyone on the floor experiences private office luxury. Cool, hip surroundings, real veneer, residential work areas, and organized to the max. STAKS workstations and cubicles create personal spaces with an intimate fit. Tune in and jam. Drop your pack in a bin. Pop in and sit down. STAKS cubicles and workstations by First Office supports active workspaces.

STAKS is the first crossover casegoods™ introduction for First Office and is available now at 2010 Office Furniture of Los Angeles and Orange County. Crossover casegoods™ are cost effective, providing the benefits of a panel system without the high cost of maintaining a panel system.

  • Designed to span from the private office to open plan workspaces.
  • Priced to delight buyers without sacrifice.
  • Precise, customizable design with the power of a system and personality of a modern studio.
  • Loads of surface options and built-in features create studio environments that stir conversations and pollinate ideas.
  • Real veneer surfaces and premium materials bring the luxury of a private office into the open.
  • STAKS Divider Walls create privacy for focused work and are perfect for studio collaboration.
  • A maximum 42″ dividing height delivers personal privacy yet encourages collaboration with ideal sightlines.
  • Meets LEED IEQ requirements for seated height views.
  • Dividing Walls & Spines, Worksurfaces and Storage can all be sized to meet any condition.

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